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25 things I learnt from ‘Unfinished’ by Priyanka Chopra Jonas

25 things I learnt from ‘Unfinished’ by Priyanka Chopra Jonas
  1. If you’re willing to be a student of life, the possibilities are endless
  2. Travel is the ultimate education — a way to literally brought new horizons in order to have an understanding of the world beyond your own front door
  3. Privilege and responsibility go hand-in-hand
  4. Be like water — Find the best situation wherever you are and make it work
  5. Boundary pushing is an advantage rather than a problem in most creative fields
  6. Own your choices. Have courage of conviction
  7. You can be whatever you want to be
  8. Confidence is not a permanent state of being. It’s something you can work to develop and something you have to work to maintain
  9. With each new experience comes a new opportunity to reinvent yourself
  10. Skills such as public speaking, polished presentation skills, formulating your thoughts and articulating them in complete sentences on the spot and under pressure are important
  11. Your difference can be your strength
  12. The actions of a few don’t always reflect the behaviour of the whole
  13. We can’t choose the family we were born into but we can choose our actions
  14. Knowledge is a key to confidence. If you have knowledge of something, you can walk into almost any room and hold your own
  15. Pushing your limits is a way to blaze your own trail instead of doing what is expected of you
  16. Shut down the detractors with your work. Just keep being an achiever and keep achieving because there are so many people who support you
  17. Having some solitary time helps you understand yourself better
  18. Have time to unwind and rest. It actually makes you more productive.
  19. You can’t control relationships. You can’t control how other people think or feel about you. The only thing that you can control is yourself
  20. If you are solid in yourself, happy in yourself, confident in yourself, that’s what you can bring to the table in a relationship
  21. Sometimes when you’re not looking for love, it appears right in front of you
  22. Simple gifts of time, energy, and compassion can be life changing for someone on the receiving end
  23. No one person can do all that needs to be done alone. We need to act together for whatever positive change we want to bring into the world
  24. The purpose of every life is to make this journey the best one that we can for ourselves and for those around us
  25. When we act with care and kindness, we lift up ourselves and others. By working hard to create the circumstances that allow us to flourish, we help pave the way for those who travel alongside us and those who come after us, too.