How to set up your own ENS!

How to set up your own ENS!

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Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a blockchain equivalent of Domain Name System (DNS), but with more uses. It is a distributed, open, and extensible naming system based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Why ENS?

Here are some advantages of creating and using an ENS:

  • You can create a personalized and straightforward ETH wallet address
  • You can use it to store all of your addresses and receive any cryptocurrency, token, or NFT
  • You can also launch your own decentralised websites with ENS

I created my own ENS today → 'nidhi.eth'!

Here's an explanation of the process in 5 steps: 👇

Step 1:
Go to
Type the .eth name you want and check it's availability

Step 2:
Click the register button to complete the process. A MetaMask confirmation will be asked.
It will take a few minutes for the transaction to be completed.

Step 3:
Link your Ethereum address to your domain name, by setting up the resolver. Click on Use Public Resolver.

Step 4:
Set a reverse name lookup by clicking Reverse Record. Select your ENS name and save.

Step 5:
Add your BTC and ETH addresses in 'Add/Edit Records'

That's it!
It's a good time to own a crypto domain name, if you haven't already :)